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Kate Moore's Bloodwood Series

A performance-installation for voice, violin, percussion, electronics and porcelain, light and sound sculptures. This work evokes a dystopian landscape filled with ghosts and fragmented memories, telling a story of dislocation and a search for identity through place. Using the metaphor of real and remembered landscapes for reflection, observation and confession, and the image of familiar bushland and bushfire-ravaged landscape as points of departure, the performance is a meditation on the darkness of the night, and a prayer for deliverance and for a new path in the world to come, green shoots from the ashes. Following consultation from the indigenous community figures of the area, the composer Kate Moore chooses to write the libretto texts herself, using the bush as her muse and setting the scene for a fictional place, to navigate the moment through storytelling, symbolism, and imagery.

Funded by APRA Art Music Fund, City of Melbourne, Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Research Council

Creative investigators: Kate Moore, Dr Anna McMichael, Dr Louise Devenish, Jane Sheldon, Nick Roux


Performance: Melbourne Recital Centre, 15 August 2022

Video link to excerpts here

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