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Climate Notes

Climate Notes is an emotive, interactive exhibition and performance work that explores and communicates how we feel about climate change through music, letter writing and moving image.  

climate-notes-anna-mcmichael--louise-devenish-mona-foma-2023-_52711212954_o (2).jpg

Climate Notes is an installation and performance project with Anna McMichael (violin) and Louise Devenish (percussion) and Nick Roux (visuals) that invites us to explore and communicate how we feel about climate change through music, letter writing and video. The work builds on Joe Duggan’s Is This How You Feel collections of handwritten letters by leading science researchers from all over the world, as well as archives from the State Botanical Collection of Victoria.  

This emotive project features new musical works for violin and percussion by Australian composers Damien Barbeler, Kate Moore, Bree van Reyk, Cathy Milliken, Dylan Crismani and Daniel Blinkhorn, presented both in video installation and live music performance, alongside an interactive letter wall that attendees can contribute their own ‘climate note’ to, and floristry displays using garden waste from the Botanic Gardens. Climate Notes propels us to consider what it feels like to live through a time when climate change affects every aspect of our lives.

Funded by City of Melbourne, Australia Council for the Arts, Australian Research Council

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Here is a link to a short video of the project

or this link to excerpts of some of the works


3 and 4 September 2022: Performances at Mueller Hall, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (premiere season).
3-18 September 2022: Installation at Mueller Hall, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

6 November 2022: Performance at Backstage Music, Woodburn Creative Studio, Sydney.

24-26 February, Mona Foma Festival, Hobart

Monash University Libraries , Monday 16th - 22nd October during Global Climate Change Week

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